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Welcome and News

  • Have a Look Around

    You have probably noticed a new look for our school website! In fact just about everything about the Livonia website has a modernized new look and feel. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the new website up and running.  As well as having a brand new look, it has many innovative features such as twitter feeds, customizable calendars and easy access to popular pages along with a responsive design to ensure it works as well on mobiles as it does on desktops. The modernized design is a more dynamic and bold reflection of the pride we take in our work and what we stand for at Livonia. You’ll notice more photos throughout the site, including scrolling banners for each school, since we know the smiling faces of our students are always of interest.  

    Key Features for You

    • Mobile friendly - Our new website is designed to look good and work well on all devices.  So visit our website from wherever you are.
    • Lots of new information - We invite you to look around and get to know the Livonia District and schools.  When you see that bouncing white arrow scroll down and find Campus Happenings, Announcements and Important Links
    • Pictures - Thank you Scott Hooker for sharing your photography with us of not only the school, but our surrounding community. You can find his website here.
    • Easy Navigation - You will find top and sidebar menu navigation for the district and each building.  And the popular menu with key links to our most accessed areas
    • Online calendar - that is customizable to district and each building.  The calendar is accessible from every page on the website.  Find the calendar icon near the home icon across the horizontal navigation.  On the calendar page you can also choose between the monthly, weekly or list view
    • Staff Directory- Connect names with faces and also get comprehensive staff contact information, including links to teacher’s websites.
    • Online lunch Menu - Not only the menu but all the information you need to know about our lunch program
    • Sports Schedules - customizable by team with a free app available for mobile devices

    We invite you to connect with us on Twitter and our Facebook pages to stay engaged in our daily activities and announcements. Additionally, be sure to check the Campus Happenings and Announcements section of the website for updates and the latest information from each building and district wide.

    So have a look around, our goal was to make the website easier to navigate and easier to find information.