• What is the philosophy of modified sports?

    Modified athletics provide an opportunity to foster growth and human development skills needed to become a well-balanced, productive member of our school community and citizen.  Modified athletics will focus on enhancing the performance and moral character of participating students.

    At this level basic skills and sportsmanship will be a focus.  We will make every attempt to include as many students as possible on teams.   While participation in many modified programs will be limited due to space and/or contest limitations, there will be some programs offered that are open to all interested students providing they have passed a school physical exam.   Modified programs will stress skill development, education participants on the rules for the game, strengthening performance and moral character, and fostering collaborative skill team skills. Modified team members will participate in contests if they:

           Have a current physical clearance through the school nurse’s office.

      • Fulfilled the required number of practices stated in the NYSPHAA handbook.
      • Have met all school eligibility requirements.
      • Have met all standards of conduct as outlined by the coach, athletic department, or Building Principal.

    Can homeschooled students, 6th grade or 9th grade students participate in modified athletics?

    Homeschooled and 6th grade are not allowed to participate.

    NYS athletic association allows for a modified program to be either 7th& 8th grade, or 7-9th with league approval when all opponents are at the same level.  For example, the majority of the sports in the Livingston County Athletic Association (LCAA) are combined 7th and 8th grade, but modified tennis is made up of all teams that are mixed 7th -9th grade.   What programs are offered?

      • Fall – Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Cross country, Girls Volleyball, Football
      • Winter I – Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Skiing (students join varsity team and are required to pay for training)
      • Winter II - Boys Basketball, Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving
      • Spring - Baseball, Softball, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Boys and Girls Track

    When do the seasons start?

    All start dates are posted each year on the athletic calendar/schedule page and the district calendar.   Generally speaking the modified seasons begin:

      • Fall -  A week after the high school teams begin (4th week in August).
      • Winter I -  Around the 3rd week in October
      • Winter II - Basketball – Around the first week in January; Swimming around the 2nd week in February
      • Spring - Lacrosse will begin mid-March

        - All others begin the end of March

    How do I sign my child up for participation in a sport?

    Physical education instructors will do a sign-up a few months prior to the season.  This list will be given to coaches and used during summer months to mail out Fall sports information.   If a student wants to participate but isn’t on the list they can be added by calling the athletic office (346-4000 ext: 1022),email the coach (coaches directory on athletic website), or they can simply show up for the first day of practice.

    Registering your child?

    All student-athletes need to be registered to participate or else they will sit-out until completed.    To register, a parent or guardian needs to go to the Livonia Athletic Website (www.livoniacsd.org), hover over the Athletic tab and choose Sports Registration.  On the left side of the page is a choice of Sports Sign-up. Follow the steps.   New York State requires this to be done within 30 days from the start of each season.    Upon completion, the nurse will receive a message and she will check to make sure a physical is up-to-date with the past year.    Once she approves it, the parent and athletic office will get a notice that the student is eligible to participate and is cleared to start practice.   If you have any questions or confusion registering, please contact Laurie Vaughan at 346-4000 ext: 4202.

    When are practices held?

    Practice times and locations vary by sport.  However, the majority of team practices from 3:00-5:00 during school days.   Coaches will distribute practices schedules at the beginning of the season.   They are also posted on the athletic calendar webpage.   Parents can sit in the car when they come to pick up their child if they choose, there is no sign-out.   If their child is walking they will need to provide a note to the coach stating that expectation.

    Do athletes have to be supervised after school before practice?

    Yes.   All modified athletes are to be with a teacher after school doing school work.   Certain days there are clubs, activity, intramurals, and the fitness center opportunities available under supervision.   Students should not be walking downtown or any other location unsupervised. After practice, athletes are not allowed to wait in the building for pick-up at a later time.  Coaches are responsible to stay until all kids are picked-up. Please be on time or contact the coach and they can try to work out a ride with the other parents.

    Can kids try out for JV/Varsity athletic teams?  What is the Athletic Placement Process?

    The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is used to determine a student-athlete's readiness to compete at a higher level of competition.  The purpose of this program is to permit the accelerated student-athlete the opportunity to participate safely at the appropriate level of competition.  Athletes should not come up to sit the bench: they are starters or one of the first off the bench playing a significant role (around 50%). We use the following process to determine a student's readiness:

    The head coach recommends athletes to the Athletic Director. It is a varsity coach driven process.

      • The head coach completes a skill rating of the athlete.
      • The physician completes a maturity screening of the athlete.
      • Team rosters are reviewed to determine if another athlete will be displaced if the student is allowed to play up.
      • The social-emotional maturity of the athlete is assessed.
      • The athlete is required to pass the physical tests outlined in section classification.

    Once cleared, student-athletes are given a set period to try out – usually around 3 days (per NYSPHSAA rules and regulations).

    How are students transported to events?  Can they ride home with another parent?

    Student-athletes are required to ride district transportation to and from athletic events.  In the event that a unique circumstance necessitates a parent to drive their child, a note is required to the Athletic Office in advance.  

    If a student-athlete needs to be transported by another parent from an away game site, a note signed by the parent and the adult transporting the child home is required.   Forms can be obtained from the coach or can be found on the athletic website under the FORMS heading.

    Where can I view game schedules?

    All of our schedules can be found on the Livonia Central School Athletic website - Schedules & Events Calendar.  Schedules can be downloaded, emailed to others, automatically dropped into calendars, notifications sent, etc.  Most options are found in the upper right corner after opening a team schedule or contact the athletic office for assistance.

    What are the expectations for student-athletes?

    Students participating in interscholastic athletic teams are expected to exemplify good citizenship and good character both in and out of school.  Student-athletes should demonstrate the values of honesty and integrity and have respect for self and others. In addition, as a requirement for participation, student-athletes and their parents agree to abide by the Livonia Central School District Interscholastic Athletic Training Rules.

    Can students participate in the schools Play/Musical and modified sports?

    Yes.  The athletic and music department work together to minimize as many conflicts as possible. Students can participate in both, but as the performance gets close, students may miss a few days of athletics.

    How do I contact the coach?

    There is a coaches directory on the athletic website.