Road Safety Instructions and Runner Expectations

  • Due to the nature of training for cross country and track and field, it is necessary for athletes to run off of the LCSD campus occasionally. The following are rules that will be discussed with all runners before being allowed to run off-campus. These rules are implemented to help ensure the safety of runners when training off-campus.

    Road Safety Instruction and Runner Expectations

    • Runners are expected to stick to the team routes described in this document. This will allow coaches to monitor runners as needed.
    • If a sidewalk is available, ALWAYS run on the sidewalk or the grassy area next to it. No runner should ever run in the road, except when crossing at a designated location.
    • Runners should ALWAYS run on the sidewalk wherever possible. If there is no sidewalk, runners should run facing oncoming traffic. Running on the left allows you to see cars coming toward you and to stop and get well away from any car driving near the right lane line.
    • Runners are expected to ONLY cross at designated crosswalks or four-way stops. Team routes provide these opportunities so that runners can run safely.
    • Runners should ALWAYS look to be aware of cars pulling out of driveways, store parking lots, etc.
    • Whenever possible, runners will be assigned a partner(s) to run with. If assigned, runners should ALWAYS be with any partnered teammates while off-campus. Coaches will provide training paces and groups to ensure that this is possible.
    • No headphones or music of any kind should be listened to while at practice. This team rule applies to runs off-campus. Music creates a distraction that leads to the potential for a dangerous situation.
    • Runners should ALWAYS be wearing a team provided running vest while running off-campus.
    • Whenever possible, there will be a coach assigned to any group of runners who are traveling off of campus grounds. This coach will monitor runners at strategic locations throughout the loop that they are traveling to ensure the safety of all athletes. Coaches will also have a medical kit with them.

    Road Safety Tips and Routes LCS Track Team

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