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  • COVID-19 Response - Family & Community Update (3/24/2021)

    Hope you're doing well and enjoying the glimpses into spring that we're having this week.  Thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to safely move forward.  As the news continues to remind us, we remain very fortunate to live in such a safe and supportive community.  Thank you for all your contributions to make our school such a great place for students, families, and staff.  

    Update Highlights

    • as of today, we're celebrating 110 in-person days at the ES and 107 days at the MHS of consistent in-person learning
    • powerful celebration of all we've accomplished over the past COVID-19 year
    • general health updates for our region, county, and district
    • We continue to see minimal COVID-19 cases among our school-aged population - it appears that our preventative mitigation strategies are working
    • Reminder Family Health Portal that allows each family to register their daily health attestation digitally - please sign up & start logging in each day at
    • Even if you are signed-up in our Health Portal, please continue to call and email our Nurses at both ES & MHS with health info/updates until we are able to fully transition to this digital option
    • NYSDOH will be eliminating travel quarantine for domestic travel after April 1
    • Instructional Calendar changes moving PK-5 Parent Conferences from March 11 & 12 to April 7-8-9, Digital Days for all PK-12 on April 7-8-9, & new state holiday on June 18
    • NYS ELA & Math 3-8 Assessments will be reduced to a single day session for each assessment - dates still be worked on & will be shared after break - no student not in school on the assessment date will be required to take the assessment
    • NYS Regents Exams in June - many cancelled, a few still will be offered - none will be required for graduation - students will still be eligible for waivers if they complete local Livonia curriculum requirements
    • Executive Budget Proposal has 0% state aid increase and keeps all federal funding to date in Albany (nothing received by us in Livonia) - we have not received additional funding to support our COVID-19 costs to provide in-person, 5 day/week opportunities - we await more information when NYS Budget is approved on or around April 1 

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