• Medication Requirements

     The school recognizes that there are occasions when it is necessary for a student to take medication prescribed by his/her private physician during hours that school in is session. We are happy to cooperate with your physician in giving your child necessary medication. However, NYS Education Law requires that specific procedures be followed when medication is administered in school. In addition to prescribed medication, these legal requirements also include all over the counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, cold medicine and ointments. As required by law, our clarified distribution of medication procedure is as follows:

    1. The school nurse must have a written order from your child’s physician. Written orders for prescription and nonprescription medications should minimally include:

      Student’s name and date of birth
      Name of medication
      Dosage and route of administration
      Frequency and time of administration
      For prn (as needed)  medications, conditions under which medication should be administered
      Date written
      Prescriber’s name, title, signature and phone number

    2. The school nurse must have a written request on file from the parent to administer the medication, a verbal or telephone request from the parent cannot be accepted.

    3. Medication orders must be renewed annually or when there is a change in medication or dosage. The pharmacy label does not constitute a written order and cannot be used in lieu of a written order from a licensed prescriber.

    4. The medication should be delivered to the nurse, by the parent, in the original prescription bottle. Over the counter medication must come in the original, unopened container/package with the students name affixed to the container. All medication will be kept in the school nurse’s office. No medication should be sent to the school nurse with the child. The only exception would be if the student has an order (see attached Independent Carry letter and form), on file in the nurse’s office, from their physician that they may selfadminister and self-carry their asthma inhaler, diabetic supplies, or their epi-pen due to the severity of the allergy. The temptation to share medication or the possibility that medication may be lost and fall into the hand of another student is a real danger.

    5. Parents should report to the school nurse immediately if there has been a change in the course of treatment or in medication. A doctor order should also be sent to the school nurse with such change. We understand that these legal requirements may cause some frustration as we work with you to ensure that we are supporting our students while complying with requirements.


    Medication Policy for Half Day of School:

    1. A.M. Medications - Medications will be given as ordered in the morning.

    2. P. M. Medications - Medications will not be given for any student requiring an afternoon dose (unless specifically requested by the parent).  This  medication dose will need to be given by the parent/gaurdian at home.






Last Modified on June 5, 2019