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    Wondering how you can help your child prepare for First Grade?

    Here are some skills you can work on.


    What Your First Grader Should Know and Be Doing At the Beginning of First Grade...

    Use handwriting lines correctly (words should rest on the line without hovering or slanting off the line)
    Use alphabet at home for correct letter and number formation
    Correct and recognize reversals
    Write first and last name in lowercase letters, except for the first letter of each part of their name
    Only capitalize important names and words
    Use phonetic spelling to write words and simple sentences
    Use finger spaces between words
    Read simple sight words
    Know all number words, color words, pronouns, and simply family words in context
    Know how many days are in a week, months in a year, and seasons in a year (and be able to name them)
    Know complete name and personal address including phone number, address, city, state, and birthday (complete with year of birth)
    Be able to tell before and after (numbers, seasons, months, days of the year, letters). Be comfortable with sequences.
    Know family information (parents’ names, parents’ occupations)
    Know all simple shapes
    Know the alphabet, the letter names, the letter sounds, and which ones are vowels
    Know the difference between consonants and vowels, why vowels are important, and be able to tell you the two sounds each vowel makes (long and short sounds)
    Tie shoelaces
    Use correct pencil grip
    Ask complete questions and be able to answer who, what when, why, where, and how questions with the correct answer
    Be able to follow three step oral directions in order (first, brush your teeth, then get changed for bed, and finally get your clothes out for tomorrow)
    Begin feeling comfortable working alone and gaining independence (on projects, homework, reading)

Last Modified on January 8, 2020