Livonia Central School Fundraising Requests

  • LIvonia Central School District (LCSD) student organizations and our community partners who wish to fundraise for the direct academic or extracurricular benefit of LCSD students may do so once they have received district approval. The term findraising applies to the sale of goods or services as well as the solitation of material or financial donations. All fundraising must be in compliance with LCSD, state, and federal policies.  Promotions of fundraisers and the fundraising itself may occur upon receipt of written notification of approval.

    Fundraising can be marketed to students and staff only (Internal) or to the LCSD residents (External).  Internal fundraisers may take up to 3 weeks for approval and external fundraisers, which require approval by the Board of Education, may take up to 6 weeks for approval.

How to Request Approval

Insurance Information

  • If you are a community partner and your fundraising request is for a physical event occurring on LCSD property, a signed Certificate of Insurance must be submitted with the Fundraising Request Application. It may either be uploaded with your online application or included with your paper application to the Central Schedulder.

    Livonia Central School District must be named as an Additional Insured and a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurence is required. You will be permitted to use a physical space once a valid Certificate of Insurance is on file and your fundraiser has been approved.


     Mail To: P.O. Box E
                   Livonia, NY 14487                                                                    

    Attn: Central Scheduler
    Phone: 585-346-4000 ext. 4202
    Fax: 585-346-6145

Useful Links

  • rSchool Directions for LCSD Student Organizations - Use this link if you are an LCSD Student Organization to download visual directions. 

    rSchool Directions for Community Partners -  Use this link if you are a Community Partner to download visual directions.

    Flyer Approval Process- All flyers must be uploaded or submitted  and approved before being distributed. 

    rSchool Login Page- Use this link to access the rSchool Login page. Bookmark it for easy access.

    Facilities Use Calendar - Use this link to view physical facilities within the district and to check availability if the fundraiser requires a location on campus.

    Disclaimer -  Use this link for a pdf file of the Livonia Central School District disclaimer. This needs to be on all advertising materials submitted by our Community Partners.  (This does not need to be on LCSD Student Organizations advertising)