Five Major Roles and Responsibilities of SRO's

    1. Public Safety Specialist
      1. The SRO are up to date on current safety procedures/plans and assist with applying them in school settings.
      2. The SRO is involved in the following:
        1. School Safety Assessments
        2. Physical Safety of the School
        3. Crime Prevention
        4. Crisis and Emergency Management Planning
    2. Law Enforcement Officer
      1. SROs handle crimes and make arrests when necessary
        1. Vehicle and Traffic Laws
        2. Penal Law
        3. Mental Health Law
        4. Other
    3. Law Related Educator
      1. Teaches students the fundamentals and skills needed to become responsible citizens
      2. Teaches problem solving and social skills
      3. Teaches the laws of NYS
      4. Teaches high expectations and positive peer norms for youths
    4. Community Liaison and Problem Solver
      1. The SRO is aware of community resources and contacts that can be helpful in solving problems
      2. Community resources of which the SRO should be aware of include:
        1. Mental health services
        2. Substance abuse assessment and treatment providers
        3. Child Protective Services (CPS)
        4. Family Counseling agencies
    5. Positive Role Model
      1. One of the most influential roles held by the SRO
      2. Students seek the approval, direction, and guidance in informal interactions with the SRO
      3. Ways SRO's are a positive Role Model
        1. Setting limits by being clear and consistent with students, staff and parents
        2. Encouraging responsibility
        3. Showing respect for students
        4. Maintain a professional appearance
        5. Participate in and support school functions
        6. Be visible and accessible
        7. Take concerns seriously and follow through with commitments to take action
        8. Lead by example
        9. Be a part of community policing opportunities
Last Modified on December 7, 2018