Livonia Central School- Resource Deputy Student of the Year Award

  • September 12th, 2019

    TOWN OF LIVONIA/VILLAGE OF GENESEO: Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty is pleased to announce the Livonia Central School Resource Deputy Student of the Year Award.

    This initiative is to recognize students across the county for their positive characteristics and their positive influence in their schools and in their communities.

    The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office currently has six (6) Deputy Sheriffs assigned as School Resource Deputies throughout Livingston County. Deputy Sheriffs are assigned to the Dansville Central School District, Livonia Central School District, Keshequa Central School District, York Central School District, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (BOCES) in Mount Morris, and the Mount Morris Central School.

    As part of the School Resource Deputies daily duties, they often interact with students who display positive characteristics in their school and in their community. The Sheriff and the Sheriff’s Command Staff collectively worked with each of the assigned School Resource Deputies to build a program to formally recognize one student from each school, each school year.

    Each Deputy Sheriff assigned to a school was asked to select one (1) student from their district that they felt stood out above the rest and to prepare a written report of why. The selection was to be based on the student having demonstrated one or more of the following:
    - Volunteering in the school or community
    - Leadership qualities
    - Being a positive role model
    - Overcoming a difficult situation
    - Positive change in behavior
    - Acts of kindness
    -Ally of the bullied or the left out

    Deputy Brittany Cushman is assigned to the Livonia Central School and selected Sara Gray as the “Livonia Central School - School Resource Deputy- Student of the Year” for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

    On September 12, 2019 members of the Sheriff’s Office Command Staff and Deputy Cushman presented Sara with an engraved Sheriff’s Office plaque for her accomplishment. Sara was also presented with a $50 gift card by the Livingston County Coalition of Patrol Services (LCCOPS-the association that represents members of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division and Criminal Investigations Division). Sara’s parents Steve and Christina along with Livonia School based preventative caseworker Shelly Read were also present for the award.

    Congratulations to Sara Gray on your accomplishment and for being a stand out student!

Sara Gray

2019 D.A.R.E. Graduation

  • May 31st, 2019

    LIVONIA: It was another successful year of the D.A.R.E. Program with the Livonia Elementary 5th Grade students. On Friday, May 31st, 2019 all 5th grade students graduated from the D.A.R.E. program!  The program’s main purpose is to help our young people today make safe and responsible choices.  Over the past couple months Deputy Cushman has gone into all the 5th grade classrooms at Livonia Central.  It is a 10 week program consisting of 10 lessons, which teach the students about a variety of different topics: how to be good citizens, helping others, how to report bullying, communication styles, Non-verbal communication, stressful situations, resistance strategies, and the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco. Each student was honored with a diploma along with a graduation ceremony with donated drinks and cookies from the McDonald's in Lakeville, NY. 

    There were a number of invited special guest and a huge thank you goes out to all of them because without their continued support this program would not be as successful as it is here today at Livonia Central School. Those special guests were the following: 

    Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty; Chief Deputy Matthew Burgess; Village of Livonia Mayor, Cal Lathan; Livonia Elementary School Principal, Casey Whittel; Livonia Elementary School Assistant Principal, Bonnie Kuhn; and Livonia Central Schools Superintendent, Matthew Cole 

    One of the main requirements for each DARE student is to write a DARE essay about what they learned in the program. One essay from each class was chosen to be read aloud at the ceremony and the winner from each class was recognized on stage with a DARE medal and some other donated prizes from local businesses including Vincenzo’s, Minnehans, Twisters, and Pizza Paul’s.

    It is always difficult to pick one winner from each class because they are all great essays.  A lot of the essays had personal stories on what they have learned during DARE.  They discussed how they have made safe and responsible choices by using the DARE Decision Making Model in real life situations. They also pledged to help others when it comes to bullying or any difficult situation they may face each day.  The DARE essay winner's for the 2019 D.A.R.E. class were the following:

    Gabrielle Furlow- Ms. Bonadonna’s class

    Ayden Syzmanski-Koontz- Mrs. Greenman’s class

    Lily Rowe- Mrs. Hoccheimer’s class

    Olivia Feehan- Mrs. Martin’s class

    Madelyn Roome- Mrs. Petelin’s Class  

    The D.A.R.E. students were also granted with the opportunity to witness a K9 Demonstration by Sgt. Draper and his K9 partner, Hutch.  This demonstration was held on May 23rd, 2019 outside the Livonia Elementary School.  The students were able to witness Hutch perform a narcotic's search, bite work and play catch with a frisbee!  All the students had excellent questions and really enjoyed the demonstration.


    K9 Hutch

    Thank you to the Livonia Central School District, Friends of Livonia and the Livingston County Sheriff ‘s Office as well as all our invited guests for their continued support with providing funding towards the tee shirts and other supplies needed to make the program possible.  A special thank you goes out to Wendy Monroe, Shelly Read for for their contribution to making the D.A.R.E. Graduation go smoothly.   Also, thank you to all the 5th grade teachers for their time and effort to make the DARE program successful and to all the 5th Grade Students.

    For further information about the D.A.R.E Program click the link below!

    >>D.A.R.E. Program

Livonia Mock DWI Event

  • May 10th, 2019

    LIVONIA: Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty is pleased to announce that the Sheriff’s Office participated in a Mock DWI Crash Scenario at the Livonia High School.

    On May 10, 2019 11th and 12th grade students witnessed a re-enactment of an alcohol related fatal DWI crash involving students of their own age. The purpose of re-enactment is to provide the students a real-life situation that shows the dangers of drinking and driving as well as the life-long aftermath that can occur from making the decision to drink and drive.

    The event was organized by Livonia student Joie Mentry with assistance from a Livonia graduate, Andrew Walker, who has organized the event in the past.

    Sheriff Dougherty would like to thank the partnership with the Livonia School District to allow educational programs such as this to take place and also thank the Livonia Fire Department, Livonia Ambulance, Dougherty Funeral Home, as well as the members of the Sheriff’s Office for their participation in the event.

    The members of the Sheriff’s Office involved were: Livonia School SRO Deputy Brittany Cushman (responding Deputy), Deputy Michael Donals (DWI investigation/arresting Deputy), Deputy Dave Richardson (Forensic Identification Unit), and Investigator Dan Rittenhouse who narrated the incident.

    Good job by all in educating our youth to make good decisions!

Respect Authority - Girl Scout Troop 54002

  • May 7th, 2019

    LIVINGSTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE- On Tuesday May 7, 2019 Livonia School Resource Officer Deputy Brittany Cushman and Livonia School Counselor Sandra Braun presented to the Livonia Girl Scout Daisy Troop 54002 about “respect and authority."

    The young ladies from the Troop are Kindergarteners and discussed things like how they can show respect for authority by following rules and being a good, kind person.

    They did a great job asking and answering questions about the topic and they received their “Respect Authority” badge petal after the presentation.

    Nice job to Deputy Cushman, Ms. Braun and the great young ladies in Troop 54002!


    GS Troop 54002

H.E.R.O Program

  • February 13th, 2019

    LIVINGSTON COUNTY: Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty announces that today, February 13, 2019, the H.E.R.O (Heroin Education, Resisting Opiates) Program was provided to youth of Livingston County.

    This is the fourth year of presenting this program. The program continues to grow with seniors from every high school in Livingston County, and this year Wayland Cohocton students as well.

    This year's event took place at the Wadsworth Auditorium on the campus of SUNY Geneseo where approximately seven hundred (700) students attended the program.

    The goal of the program is to educate the students on the "real life" dangers of heroin and opiate use.

    The program was moderated by Dansville High School Principal Tom Frazier. The students heard emotional and powerful presentations from a parent who lost a child to a heroin overdose, they heard directly from an inmate of the Livingston County Jail who is incarcerated and addicted to heroin and they had the opportunity to ask questions of the inmate with the Sheriff moderating, they also heard from the Dansville Central School drug and alcohol counselor on resources and statistics, and a mock ambulance call was simulated by the Livingston County EMS representing a heroin overdose.

    Sheriff Dougherty would like to thank the school districts for their commitment to educate their students on the opiate crisis; the Dansville Central School District for their continued leadership role in the program; Livingston County EMS; the parents and family who allow their lost loved ones stories to be told; CASA-Trinity, the Livingston County Jail inmate who received zero compensation for telling his story; and SUNY Geneseo Staff for their support and planning of the program.

    The HERO program was initiated in 2016 by the Livingston County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Dansville Central School, CASA, and Livingston County EMS. To date approximately 1700 students have received the HERO presentation.

    "The heroin epidemic has no end in sight and recovering from this awful addiction is a life sentence but our hope is with this presentation they choose not to ever use," stated Sheriff Dougherty. "This program is one component of our comprehensive strategic plan to combat the epidemic but it is the single most important initiative. This isn't a scared straight program but instead a raw and real program that educates our youth on the lethal dangers through real life stories of folks right here in Livingston County. I thank all of our partners for their ongoing commitment to this program and I remind all addicts that there is help available. Please call the Sheriff's Office anytime at 243-7100 and we will get you set up with the appropriate services anytime of the day or the night."


    H.E.R.O. Program



    DECEMBER 14TH, 2018

    More than a dozen law enforcement officers brought joy to more than 120 area children on December 8 by participating in Shop with a Cop at Geneseo Walmart. Prior to the event, the parents accepted an invitation to bring their children to Walmart last Saturday where they were paired with a police officer and together they shopped for toys.

    Shop with a Cop is made possible by a grant provided by Walmart. Geneseo PD coordinates the program. This is the fourth year for Shop with a Cop.

    “The officers, deputies, and troopers all enjoy doing this event. It’s all about building relationships with the children and families and trying to make their Christmas a little brighter,” Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian said.

    New York State Troopers, Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies, and officers from Mount Morris, Geneseo and Caledonia Police Departments as well as School Resource Officers from Livonia, York, Dansville, Keshequa and Caledonia were there to shop with the children.

    Walmart’s assistant store manager and Santa’s elf Kevin Lowe called it, “The best day of the year,” and Santa Claus himself, Bill Thomas, said he was enjoying meeting all of the kids before he had to head back to the North Pole later that day.

    Some of the kids were quick shoppers, heading directly to the aisles containing their favorite toy while others took their time, looking at several different items before making a decision.

    Seven-year-old Bianca Butler shopped with Deputy Becky Kane. She took Deputy Kane to the aisle containing art supplies and after several minutes of thinking it over, Bianca chose a case of colorful drawing markers.

    Five-year-old Ailanah Batalla and her seven-year old brother Randelle shopped with Geneseo Police Officer Jeff Szczesniak, who said this is one of the best events he participates in. Szczesniak said he loves being able to put a smile on the kids’ faces. They also chose a toy for their one –year old brother Abraham.

    Dolls remain very popular toys with little girls and cars and trucks continue to be a favorite of little boys. Troopers Jeff Glassman and Matthew Stolte realized quickly that the two boys they were shopping with, Blake and Landon Jones, already knew what they would like to choose; a new Avengers toy for Blake and a bright green Dodge Challenger for Landon.

    Meanwhile Deputy Wayne Swede shopped with five-year old Kaiyden Bourgeois who needed only a few minutes to find the doll she wanted.

    School Resource Officer Nick Truax shopped with two children from Cal-Mum Central School where he works. Kaylyn Stapleton and Aiden Mitchell were happy to see his familiar face.

    Walmart elves were on hand to help the officers and children shop and check out. Mary Poprawski, Sharon Schnitzler and Jennifer Gunn said they really love helping out with the Shop with a Cop event and seeing the smiles it produces for everyone involved.

    Walmart provided cupcakes, cake and cookies for the children and their families.

    Law enforcement officers who shopped with the children include: Geneseo Police Department Officers Jeff Szczesniak, Kate Sanders and Dan Piedmont. Mount Morris Police Department Officer Mark Brado. Caledonia Police Department Officer Nick Truax, Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies Brittany Cushman (Livonia SRO), Becky Kane (York SRO), Wayne Swede, Ross Gerace (Keshequa SRO) and Robert Holt (Dansville SRO). State Troopers John Kelly, Eric Huynh, Matthew Stolte, Jeff Glassman and Nichole Dioguardi. Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Deputies Pat Lynch (riding Tank) and Steph Logsdon (riding Merrick).

Operation Santa

  • DECEMBER 5TH, 2018

    The Livingston County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (LCDSA) will be delivering gifts and toys to the hands of local kids. The LCDSA, which is the bargaining unit for all of the Sheriff’s Office Corrections (Jail and Court Divisions), Communications (Sheriff’s Office and E-911) and civilian support staff, is proud to announce their participation in ‘Operation Santa.’ Annually, the LCDSA solicits funds and toys to give to members in the community that could use a little help during the holiday season.  

    This year a total of 33 families and over 80 children will be delivered gifts and toys from LCDSA. The Sheriff's Office has also coordinated with Catholic Charities and asked for their assistance as well to help benefit the families and children of Livingston County! 

    Operation Santa

Girl Scout Troop 51109

  • NOVEMBER 30TH, 2018

    Deputy Brittany Cushman who is assigned as the Livonia School Resource Officer spoke with Livonia Troop 51109. The girls are in the process of earning their Community Badge.

    Deputy Cushman talked with them about her role as a Deputy Sheriff at the LCSO and her role in the community and went on to share how she has volunteered or helped the community by participating in the Thanksgiving/Christmas Project at Livonia School District, Shop with a Cop through Walmart, Operation Santa and many more.

    She gave the kids different ideas of ways they can be more community minded through volunteering.

    Lastly, they discussed different ways to celebrate community by attending festivals, ceremonies, parades and more.

    They were a great group of kids and eager to listen and learn!

    Great job girls!


    (Pictured are the girls of Troop 51109 with Deputy Cushman and Mayor Lathan)

Last Modified on December 18, 2019