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Harvest of the Month

  • From the Lean and Green Kids Website

    February Harvest of the Month is beets and dried fruit.

    Beets (the B vitamin, riboflavin)
    1. The vegetable Harvest of the Month is the dark red and sweet beet, a root vegetable… It grows underground! Beets are super healthy, Vitamin A for healthy eyes, Vitamin B for a healthy heart, and Vitamin C to fight colds and flu.
    2. The vegetable harvest of the month is a dark red color… and it grows underground… It’s kind of shaped like a heart… and it helps your heart to have a strong BEEEAT. Can you guess? (Answer: Beet).
    3. The vitamin B in sweet b-b-beets, helps your red blood cells. Red blood cells (cells in your blood) have the very important job of carrying the oxygen - that you breath - to every part of your body. B-b-beets for vitamin B.
    4. Shopping at the local Farmers Market is a good place to find locally grown and fresh beets. Fresher food has more vitamins, like the B vitamin in beets, which helps your blood cells carry oxygen to every part of your body.
    5. The Harvest of the Month is the dark red and sweet beet, a root vegetable that grows underground. And the leaves on the beet root, that grow above ground, are good to eat too, rich in Vitamin K, for healing cuts.

    Dried Fruit (potassium)
    1. This month’s fruit Harvest of the Month is dried fruit because fruit that is dried in the summer can be enjoyed throughout the winter. Raisins are dried grapes, a.k.a. known as nature’s candy.
    2. Fresh fruit becomes dried fruit when the fruit is warmed at low temperatures. When it goes through that warming process, the fruit’s juice evaporates, but its nutrients remain, making raisins and other dried fruits a delicious and nutritious snack.
    3. Did you know that your body has electricity running through it?! Electrical impulses help your brain tell your muscles what to do. The mineral, potassium, helps recharge your body’s electricity. Eat dried fruit for a good source of potassium.
    4. Almost any kind of fruit can be made into dried fruit. Try dried apricots and cranberries, or dried pineapples and bananas with nuts and seeds for a trail mix to power up with protein and potassium.
    5. Have you ever tried a dried fruit called a date? A date grows on a palm tree, and it tastes a lot like caramel - it’s nature’s caramel! Try dates on oatmeal, for the brain boosting power of potassium. 

  • March Harvest of the Month is spinach and berries. Learn more about these healthy plant foods!

    Spinach (Vitamin K, phytonutrients)
    1. Our vegetable Harvest of the Month gave an old cartoon character - Popeye - super strength to fight the bad guys. What vegetable is it? Spinach! Green spinach leaves actually do have super nutrients called phytonutrients that help fight diseases.
    2. Spinach is a leafy green. In other words, it’s a big green leaf. When you think about it, some of the biggest and strongest animals on the planet get most of their nutrients by eating leaves. Spinach and other leafy greens are superfoods for animals - and people too!
    3. Spinach has lots of vitamin K, to help wounds to stop bleeding, and help the healing process to begin.
    4. Spinach and other leafy greens (like broccoli) are delicious and super nutritious in soups and salads - even smoothies. Try blending spinach with fruit and ice for a gloriously green smoothie, like the kind Iron Man drinks for his super brain power!

    Berries (phytonutrients)
    1. Our fruit Harvest of the Month is berries…raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and more! Small but mighty, berries have super nutrients - so you can play like a champ!
    2. Strawberries. Blueberries. Raspberries. Berries are small but mighty, jam-packed with phytonutrients. Like the name suggests, phytonutrients help fight serious diseases (like cancer).
    3. Ditch the sugary bottled beverages that drain your brain. Better idea: A dash of fruit juice added to your water, and some brain-boosting blueberries dropped in for an all natural “boba” (bubble) experience!
    4. Shopping at the local Farmers Market is a great place to find berries in season; picked fresh - for more nutrition. Farmers Markets are good for you and the planet too because food grown locally doesn’t have to travel long distances in gas guzzling trucks.
    5. Food is energy for our body and brain. Energy in food is measured in “calories,” similar to how height is measured in inches. Berries measure low in calories, so they’re a smart snack for good energy and a healthy weight.

Last Modified on January 30, 2020