• Safety is a high priority for the Livonia Central School District. Procedures are in place to respond to emergencies and unforeseen events. The most effective safety measure in a school is an observant faculty or staff member because of your familiarity with your buildings and the students. You are also the most knowledgeable about the mood of the students and their well-being.

    The following is a checklist for being observant and proactive to ensure your safety and the safety of others:

    • As you enter the school campus, be aware of vehicles parked in unusual places and/or persons or groups of persons that seem out of place, or acts of vandalism. Report your observations at the school office as soon as you enter the building.
    • Once you enter the building, be aware of the environment and student activity. Scan your classroom and/or work area for anything unusual. If something raises a concern with you, notify the office as soon as possible.
    • If you observe an unknown visitor in the building, ask them if they need assistance. “Hi, you look new to the building. Do you need any assistance?” Judge the response and notify the office if necessary. If the person is belligerent, confrontational or disoriented, leave the area and enter an occupied classroom. Call the office immediately.
    • Building security is effective only when exit doors are closed and locked so visitors must enter near the building offices. Never open doors for visitors; direct them to the main entry doors for your building. If you see exterior doors open, close them. Be sure your students know that they should never open a door to let someone into the building and to direct all visitors to the office. Whenever leaving the building, whether it is during the school day or on a weekend, check to be sure the door closes and locks behind you.
    • Never assume that what you observe must have already been reported. You could be the first person to notice, so notify the office.

    Your diligence will contribute greatly to your safety, student safety, and the safety of your coworkers. Thank you.