• Used to secure the safety of students and staff from immediate or imminent danger within the building.
    Lockdown and the reason for it will be announced via the P.A. system.

    Staff Responsibilities 

    1. Immediately lock your classroom door. If possible while locking your door, order students from hallway into your classroom. Turn off lights and leave window blinds as they are.
    2. Have students take a seated position on the floor next to the wall(s) that is out of line of sight with classroom door window.
    3. If time allows, barricade the door with table, file cabinet, desks, etc.  Be prepared to use emergency exit as escape route. If shooter gains access to your location, be prepared to attack as a group. (Anything can and should be used as a weapon, move fast and violently, immediately secure weapon, arms, and legs).
    4. All cell phones must be set to silence and kept out of sight. Display lights and/or ring tones will indicate an occupied room.
    5. Staff members can use cell phones only to call 911 or to report serious injuries or situations.
    6. Do not communicate through the locked door or answer the classroom telephone.
    7. Do not respond to fire alarms unless imminent signs of fire are observed. Remember the exit window as an option.
    8. All outside activities are terminated. Do not reenter building. Go to the nearest safe school building quickly.
    9. Lockdown will end when announced via the P.A. system AND your room is unlocked by law enforcement or a school administrator. Remain in your room with students and listen for instructions via P.A. system.
    10. Take attendance – make note of students who were out of the room at the beginning of the lockdown.

    Additional Lockdown Information

    • Identify areas to be used for or by kitchen staff, custodians, and other personnel not having a room assignment.
    • Bathroom needs must be met in the classroom. (Supplies: roll of paper towels, toilet paper, number of plastic grocery bags).  Provide a level of privacy.
    • DO stop students who are attempting to leave the room. A closed, lock door is vital for safety during a lockdown.

    Note: Each building must conduct 4 Lockdown drills per year.