Medical Emergency Plan

  • Responsibilities For All Staff Encountering a Medical Emergency

    * If the situation is life-threatening or the victim is unconscious, Call 911 Immediately

    1.  Have someone Dial the School Nurse (HS - 1018, MS – 2003, ES – 5003) and report a medical emergency. State your name, room, victim’s name, and description of what they are experiencing.
    2. Stay with the victim and do not move the victim unless there is a critical safety concern.
    3. The nurse will assess the situation and determine if the Medical Response Team is needed.  If the Medical Response Team is needed the nurse will ask you to call your main office asking for the Medical Response Team to report to room________.


    1. Bring AED pack and Go Bag.
    2. Bring confidential health list to the scene.
    3. Determine level of medical response required.
    4. Act as coordinator for Team response and activate team if needed.
    5. File any medical/incident reports and make parent phone calls in coordination with the Administration.

    Medical Response Team Members
    The main office will page the following announcement:
    “Would our medical response team report to __(location)___.” (Hallway and Room #)

    1. Report to the scene.
    2. Bring with you an emergency bag located by the door of any classroom.
    3. Begin any emergency care for which you are Red Cross Certified – CPR, First Responder, AED.


    1. Establish communication between the scene and the main office.  Establish the easiest point of entry for ambulance emergency care.
    2. Redirect students not involved to appropriate locations.
    3. Call Shelter in Place.  Building continues to be in Shelter in Place until an administrator releases it over PA.
    4. Follow up the incident with parent phone calls and appropriate reports.

    Main Office Staff

    1.  Make an All-Call for the Medical Response Team to report to  __(location)___ (Hallway and Room #)
    2. Call other District Nurse offices if additional coverage is needed for your building. (HS - 1018, MS – 2003, ES – 5003).  Coordinate communication with other students needing medical attention.
    3. Appoint a staff member to meet the ambulance to assist them to the emergency – care location.
    4. Determine coverage needs for Medical Response Team members.
    5. Notify School Resource Officer, x1003
    6. Contact District Office, x4100.

    All Staff

    1. All staff not immediately supervising students at the time of the announcement should report to the main office to help with coverage.
    2. Staff supervising students should hold students until dismissed from the main office.  A SHELTER IN PLACE is often initiated during a medical emergency to assist with the response.


    1. Support Students who witnessed the event and with questioning by medical personnel.