Shelter In Place

  • Used to ensure that all students are directly supervised by school personnel in preparation for an evacuation or a response to an emergency (i.e. medical emergency, bomb threat, HAZMAT event nearby, weather emergency).

    Shelter in Place and the reason for it will be announced via the P.A. system.

    Staff Responsibilities

    1. Check hallway and nearby bathrooms for students and bring them into your classroom.
    2. All staff members not assigned to students check hallways and restrooms for students and direct them to their classroom or main office.
    3. All outside activities terminated. Reenter the building with students as quickly as possible.
    4. Compose an attendance list including students brought into class. Make note of students that had left your room and not returned.
    5. Close and lock classroom door. You may communicate through the locked door.
    6. Use classroom telephone or cell phone for emergency/important communication only.
    7. Keep students in room (no one leaves for any reason) and continue teaching.
    8. Ignore bells for passing classes.
    9. Respond to fire alarms normally unless purpose for shelter in place is a bomb threat. If bomb threat, remain in room and closely monitor for signs of fire and use window exit if there is need.
    10. Be alert for follow up announcements on the P.A. system.
    11. IF AN EVACUATION IS BEING CONSIDERED AND IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, students should return to regularly scheduled classrooms so accurate attendance can be taken and all students are accounted for prior to the evacuation. If the evacuation must be done quickly, take regular class attendance once you arrive at the evacuation site.
    12. Shelter in place will be terminated via the P.A. system.

    Additional Shelter in Place Information

    • Identify areas to be used for or by kitchen staff, custodians, and other personnel not having a room assignment.
    • Bathroom needs must be met in the classroom. (Supplies: roll of paper towels, toilet paper, and a number of plastic grocery bags).  Provide a level of privacy.