• Used to secure building from outside influences, i.e. fire on property, situation in another building or a community situation – major crime or dangerous individual(s) in area.

    Lockout will be announced via the P.A. system using plain language to announce the lockout and identify the reason for the lockout.  All available staff members should report to the main office with assistance in monitoring hallways and exit doors.

    Staff Responsibilities

    1. Close and lock all windows.
    2. Check nearby exterior doors to ensure they are closed and locked.
    3. All outside activities terminated. Reenter the building with students as quickly as possible.
    4. Classes continue as normal and pass at scheduled times.
    5. Remind students to stay away from exits and not to open external doors for any reason.
    6. Lockout will be terminated (in coordination with law enforcement) when external threat is resolved and announced via P.A. system.

    Additional Information

    • This is the normal mode of operation for each school building during the normal hours of student attendance.
    • School administration and custodial/cleaning staff are to ensure all outside entrances remain closed and locked.
    • Students and staff should never admit any individual(s) into the building.
    • All visitors or late arriving students must enter at main office entrances.
    • The major difference between normal mode and lockout is that all outside activities are terminated.
    • Activities that need to be addressed by the individual building administrators and the Superintendent in conjunction with Director of Transportation would include field trips in progress and the return to school, and bus trips scheduled to other educational facilities (BOCES, special placement in Monroe County schools or other districts, religious schools and the effect on regular dismissal times). Consider level of threat, location, possibly modifying bus routes, delaying return to school district of off-campus transportation, and/or routing students to neighboring districts or local evacuation sites until threat is resolved.