Building/Campus Evacuation Procdedures

  • Evacuation should take place if it is determined that it is safer outside than inside the building (fire, explosion, intruder, hazardous material spill) and staff, students and visitors can safely reach the evacuation location without danger.

    Administrative Responsibilities

    1. Communicate the need to evacuate the building, or a specific area of the building, to the building staff and other occupants by activating the fire alarm and/or by an announced via the P.A. system.
    2. Ensure that the office staff notifies 911 and District Office that the building is being evacuated.  Automated phone notification system will be used to notify parents with evacuation details.
    3. Announce location of where staff will lead and assemble students and method of travel that will be used.  Use secondary route, if necessary.
    4. Announce that students out of the supervision of faculty or staff should report to nearest assembly area or nearest teacher/staff.  
    5. Announce that all staff not assigned to a specific class or student must assemble in the main office or other designated area.
    6. Announce staff responsibilities.

    Staff Responsibilities

    1. Bring attendance list and class roster. (Provided in orange “Go-Folder”)
    2. Address needs of Students/Staff with special needs, call main office for assistance
    3. Close the classroom windows and door while exiting.
    4. Go to designated evacuation assembly area.  Do not stop for student or staff belongings.
    5. Take attendance when safe to do so.  Attendance should be taken before moving from and upon arrival at off site location.  Immediately report any missing or injured students to the main office. If directed by main office, Skill/Lesson Groups will return to their assigned class before evacuation.
    6. Students stay with class.  If necessary to board buses for evacuation to alternate site, students will board buses by class with their teacher.

    Building Assembly Areas

    • Elementary School  
      • Flag pole: Butler Wing, Kindergarten Wing, Gym, Cafeteria, and Main Office Wing.  
      • Bus loop sidewalk: 1st through 5th Grade Hallways.
    • Middle School  
      • Report to the flag pole
    • High School
      • Report to the parking lot

    Office staff, aides, assistants, and all staff members not assigned to a specific class or student

    1. Assemble in the main office or other designated area to assist in evacuation procedures listed below.
    2. Assemble necessary supplies including:
      Attendance “Go-Box” (class rosters, master teaching schedule, student info, Staff cell phone numbers, list of available staff, visitor log, student sign out sheet, grade signs and tape)  
      First-aid kit and other emergency supplies (Nurses Go-Bag, radios, megaphone, and whistle)
    3. Check the bathrooms, hallways and common areas for visitors, staff or students while exiting.
    4. Go to designated evacuation assembly area and help with student management.
    5. At designated evacuation site, staff will assemble attendance table(s) for student dismissal.

    Designated On-Site Evacuation Sites

    • Elementary School
      • PreK - 1st  (Self-contain):         Connell Building Auditorium   (One grade level per section)
      • 2nd – 5th grade:           Connell Building Gymnasium (One grade level per section of bleacher)
    • Middle School
      • Connell Building Auditorium    (One grade level per section, 7/8/6)
    • High School
      • Connell Building Gymnasium   (One grade level per section of bleacher)

    **Parent Pick-up will be in the Connell Building Cafeteria **Buses will assemble on School Street

    Off-Site Evacuation

    In the event that the situation poses a significant enough risk that evacuation of the building and remaining on school grounds is determined to not be adequate, students and staff will be evacuated to an off-site location. (Often the off-site evacuation will occur after being evacuated to the on-site evacuation assembly areas at the Connell building.  Students will be bused from the Connell building to the off-site location)

    • Perform all evacuation steps as indicated for a building evacuation.
    • Proceed to off-site locations.
      • Primary Location - St Matthew Catholic Church, 6591 Richmond Mills Rd, Livonia, NY  14487
      • Secondary Location - United Methodist Church, 21 Summers St, Livonia, NY  14487
      • Alternate Location - Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Training Grounds, 5939 Stone Hill Rd, Lakeville, NY  14480