Fire Alarm Evacuations

    Reminder: Ignore fire alarms during a lockdown.

    Student Responsibilities

    1. Stop all talking and follow teacher directions.
    2. Exit with class and stay with the teacher in designated area.
    3. Remain silent while outside.

    Teacher Responsibilities

    1. Assemble students and bring attendance list and class roster as you exit the building.
    2. Know the evacuation procedures for any student with a disability that would hinder a speedy evacuation.
    3. Close windows and doors and turn off lights.
    4. Exit building to designated area, do not stop for student or staff belongings.
    5. Take attendance and note students that are missing (ex. library, rest room, office) along with extra students who have joined your class during the drill.
    6. Note: If alarm rings during an electrical storm, proceed to exit door but remain inside the building. Be alert for signs of a fire and exit if fire is identified.
    7. Note: When exiting in cold weather conditions go to your designated area and listen to P.A. system for more information. You may be directed to take the students to another school building.

    Administrative Responsibilities
    Yearly, determine the special needs of students and formulate plans for a speedy evacuation for each identified student. Ensure that all staff responsible for that student is aware of the plan (teachers, staff, cafeteria monitors).

    If the Alarm is a Planned Fire Drill

    1. Notify head custodian, district office, buildings and grounds, and company that monitors the system (currently Simplex) prior to setting off the alarm.
    2. Time the evacuation of the building – from alarm to last student exiting.
    3. Reset the system.
    4. Make announcement to reenter the building.
      Note: There must be eight drills per year, occurring between September 1 and December 1.

    If the Alarm Was Not a Planned Drill

    1. Office staff will notify 911 and District Office that the building is being evacuated.
    2. Office staff, designated assistants will check bathrooms and hallways while exiting and report to flag pole.
    3. Office staff and nurse will assemble necessary supplies including attendance “Go-Box” and medical “Go-Bag.”
    4. Head custodian and building administrator checks fire alarm board to identify fire zone.  Head custodian, with another person, checks the zone for presence of a fire. Do not enter areas containing smoke or fire.
    5. Building administrator meets the fire company and law enforcement to inform them of alarm location.
    6. Depending on weather, decide whether to keep staff and students at designated areas or move them to another school building. Elementary School PreK thru 2nd grade will report to Connell Building Auditorium, while grades 3-5 will report to Connell Building Gymnasium.  Middle School would go to the Connell Building Auditorium, while the High School would go to the Connell Building Gymnasium.
    7. Once the Fire Chief has verified that the school is safe to reenter, students and staff can be directed to enter the building.
    8. Complete incident report – Send original to District Office, file copy in building office.


    Prior to all events that include community attendance (sporting events in gym or pool, auditorium performances, cafeteria events) make the following announcement:
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome. In the event of a fire alarm or other building emergency requiring evacuation, please exit through the closest door marked with an illuminated exit sign. Please take a moment to determine the closest exit at this time. Once outside, move at least 100 feet from the building. Do not reenter the building until advised by school personnel.”

    When the Alarm Sounds
    Everyone in the building must evacuate immediately.

    Custodians, Event Proctors, and School Administrators Responsibilities

    1. Monitor fire board to determine location of fire, determine incident commander (senior administrator or senior custodian).
    2. Two people check identified zone for fire. Do not enter areas containing smoke or fire.
    3. Call building administrator and District Superintendent. Note: Publish phone numbers at fire board.
    4. Meet fire company and law enforcement to direct them to the identified zone.  State the cause of the alarm if it has been determined (i.e. alarm set off accidentally with the person identified, smoke from pizza warmer).
    5. Fire Chief makes determination as to when it is safe to reenter building or if events are to be terminated.
    6. Inform people by P.A. system or personally of the Fire Chief’s determination.
    7. If event continues, make announcement thanking people for their cooperation and briefly describing event. Event proceeds as determined by those in charge and game officials.
    8. If event is discontinued, people are instructed to leave the premises. Do not reenter the building for any reason without permission from the Fire Chief.