Current Needs

  • Significant safety and security needs exist with our current facilities, which also limit student and program support.
    auditorium Hallway
    High School Auditorium Entrance/Exit
    An emergency evacuation needing a quick, orderly exit would present significant safety concerns with everyone converging into a space of approximately 10 feet with a structural pole in the middle, further constricted by the exit into a standard hallway.

    es entrance
    Elementary School Main Entrance
    Our Elementary School Main Entrance traffic loop and main entry were not designed for PK-5 grade levels, nor with current safety and security considerations.

    Elementary School Playground
    Our Elementary School Playground was not designed for PK-5 grade levels and routinely experiences outdated equipment failures causing safety concerns and security considerations.

    high school bus loop parking old tennis courts
    High School Athletics Facilities
    Our High School Athletics Facilities were not designed with current safety and security considerations to facilitate safe pedestrian access and our existing tennis courts present an increased safety risk for students and our community.

Proposed Solutions

  • Major project elements address critical safety and security needs while supporting student and program needs.
    proposed auditorium exit
    High School Auditorium Entrance/Exit
    We are proposing an expansion of the entire H.S. Auditorium entry/exit area that will improve safety and enhance the experience of students and our community when using this important venue for our high quality performing arts programs.

    Proposed ES entrance
    Elementary School Main Entrance
    We are proposing a new traffic pattern and single-point of entry main entrance with a safer, more secure visitor access and waiting area.

    Elementary School Playground
    We are proposing to add new elements to serve all PK-5 developmental ages, retrofit salvageable existing equipment, and upgrade all surfaces to meet current safety standards.

    proposed tennis courts
    High School Athletics Facilities
    We are proposing to create a safer pedestrian access entrance into Saunders’ Field & Huff Track with a viewing platform for athletic contests. In doing so, we will also update our tennis courts, and repurpose the existing tennis courts to a synthetic surface for soccer and lacrosse activities.

Last Modified on March 19, 2019