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     Livingston Blues Youth Hockey


    The formal name of the organization is Geneseo Finger Lakes Youth Hockey (GFLYH). We are also called Geneseo Youth Hockey (GYH) or Livingston Blues.

    This organization is governed by the rules of USA hockey, New York State Amateur Hockey Association, the West Section of NYSAHA, Western New York Amateur Hockey League and Empire Amateur Hockey Association.  

     Eligibility to participate in Geneseo/Finger Lakes Youth Hockey is not determined by sex, race, creed or color.  Geneseo Finger Lakes Youth Hockey does not discriminate against any person based upon sex, race, creed or color. 

    The purpose of Geneseo Youth Hockey / Livingston Blues
    • To promote youth hockey in accordance with USA Hockey policy.
    • To instill in the area youth, boys and girls, the necessary attitudes for team spirit and sportsmanship through success and cooperative efforts.
    • To foster safety, fairness and fun.