Livonia Central School Board of Education

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    Front row: Andy Mattle (Vice President), Stephanie Feehan, Mark Connor
    Back row: Dave Woodruff (President), Amy Stahl, Karen Bennett, Josh Monster

    What is a Board of Education?

    A school board member in New York State serves as a state official. The board's powers are derived from the state Constitution, laws of New York State, and rulings of the state Commissioner of Education.

    As elected representatives, board members ensure that the school remains responsive to the needs of district residents by serving as a link between school and community. The Board of Education establishes official policy and sets goals for the school district. All board decisions follow logically from these goals and objectives. Board decisions can be made only by the board acting as a whole in a public meeting. No individual member may bind the Board of Education to a particular course of action.

    Responsibilities of the Board
    As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board of Education has many responsibilities, including...

    • Establishing policies for the operation of the school district.
    • Determining the district's educational goals and standards.
    • Authorizing the development or revision of curricula.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services.
    • Authorizing personnel actions, including the appointment of professional educators,
      upon the superintendent's recommendation.
    • Cooperating with school and community stakeholders to develop a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources.
    • Representing the views of the community in educational matters.
    • Communicating educational programs and needs to the community.

    Board of Education Meeting Schedule
    Meetings are held in the Beverly Hern Memorial Library located at the Connell Building located at 40 Spring Street, Livonia NY. Please use the Spring Street entrance.

    The Board of Education typically meets once a month on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. for SY2020-2021 unless otherwise noted. Meeting dates and times for the school year are posted on the district calendar.

    The public agenda will be available Friday at noon before the Monday of the meeting.

    It is recommended that you subscribe to the district calendar to receive automatic notifications of any meeting changes. Thank you.

    Etiquette — Rules of Public Address While Attending a BOE Meeting   Link for COVID-19 Public Comment Process:


    Board Member Terms
    The Board is composed of seven community members who are elected to 3-year terms by District residents. The Board terms have been staggered so that only two or three terms expire in a given year. Board members are elected as part of the budget vote, which occurs on the third Tuesday of May each year, and take office on July 1 of that year.

    • J. David Woodruff, President - term expires: 6/30/21
    • Andy Mattle, Vice President - term expires: 6/30/22
    • Mark Connor - term expires: 6/30/21
    • Joshua Monster - term expires: 6/30/22
    • Amy Stahl - term expires: 6/30/23
    • Stephanie Feehan - term expires: 6/30/23
    • Karen Bennett - term expires: 6/30/23

    We, the Board, the Superintendent and the Administrative Staff welcome your questions and comments.  To leave a question or comment for the Board, please call the District Clerk, Diane Tusch, at 346-4000, ext. 4100.

    Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Last Modified on February 22, 2021