District Profile

  • Mission

    Livonia Central School will create the conditions so that each student will successfully meet the challenges and opportunities to achieve and thrive in a changing world.


    Livonia Central School is a community of learners where all will pursue world-class standards. The entire community will continue to take great pride in the school's program of excellence and its climate of respect and trust.


    The Livonia school community believes that:

    • A shared responsibility between school and home is advantageous to student well being.
    • Students pursue different pathways to success leading to a future that requires high expectations and continuous improvement.
    • A safe and nurturing school environment is essential for learning to take place.
    • Instruction should engage all learners and challenge them to achieve their maximum potential.
    • Students are partners in the pursuit of excellence, not mere recipients of services.


Livonia - moving forward each day
student in bulldog costume