The  Athletic  Placement  Process

  • Livonia Central School is proud to offer its students a wide of range of options for athletic involvement, including opportunities for those students in the 7th and 8th grade. We encourage the majority of our students at the junior high level to compete at the modified level, but we also recognize that there are a select few exceptional student-athletes with the athletic ability and sport specific skill to play at the junior varsity and varsity level.   This is a coach driven process where coaches will invite those select few student-athletes that they are could have a major contribution in the contest (either start or be one of the first off the bench).  In order for seventh and eighth graders to compete interscholastically at the high school level, these athletes must pass the Athletic Placement Process (APP) as mandated by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. It is very important to note that successful completion of the Athletic Placement Process simply allows the student-athlete to try out for the high school team and does not guarantee him a spot on the final roster.

    The Athletic Placement Process utilizes the President's Physical Fitness Test, and student-athletes will need to meet the 85th percentile level for their age in 4 out of 5 test components. This fitness test is designed to assess speed, agility, flexibility, upper body strength, and aerobic conditioning. Athletes will be given a few opportunities to pass specific parts of the test, so long as they are close enough to achieving the required score.

    Parents/guardians are cautioned that even though their child may be physically ready, it does not mean that he/she will be emotionally or socially ready to handle the stress of high school competition or the social interaction with older athletes.  Although coaches at Livonia Central School place a high priority on assimilating all students into the team structure, this does not necessarily mean younger student-athletes are comfortable in this environment.  If you or the child has any reservations about competing at the high school level, then it is highly recommended that this child remain at the modified level.

    The purpose of this statewide program is to determine the level of physical fitness students have when compared to those older athletes your son/daughter will be competing against at the high school level. If your child is seeking to be a member of a junior varsity or varsity high school team, he/she will need to complete every one of the steps outlined below. Please note, this program is designed for the exceptional athlete, the specific talent and conditioning level required will be well above the level of average athletes of a similar age.

  • This is a coach driven process and will ask players that they feel are exceptional. If you feel that your child was overlooked, please feel free to communicate with the coach. That coach will determine if it is appropriate. Coaches will hand out all APP packets.


    The following steps must be completed in order for a 7th or 8th grader to try out at the high school level:

    1. Sport Skill Evaluation: The Varsity coach for that particular sport will need to complete an evaluation of the student-athlete.
    2. Administrative Approval: The Athletic Director will assess the physical, emotional, social, and academic readiness of the student-athlete. Emphasis will be placed on the impact the increased demands of participation in high school sports will place on the student's academic performance as well as the likelihood that he/she will be a starter or be a big contributor to the contest.
    3. Parent/Guardian Permission: All students who are to be evaluated must first obtain written parent/guardian permission, provided here.
    4. Sports Clearance: A completed Interval Health History forms (Sports Triplicate) and a current Physical Exam must be submitted to the Nurses Office as well as their approval to participate in sports for the upcoming season.
    5. Medical Clearance: The Nurses Office will determine the student-athlete's physical maturity level and if it is appropriate for the student to compete at a higher level. The Nurses Office will compare the physical size of the student in relation to that of the students against whom the student will compete as well as the Tanner Scale when making this decision.
    6. Physical Fitness Testing: The student-athlete will need to meet the 85th percentile level for their age in 4 out of 5 test components of the President's Physical Fitness Test. Please contact the Athletic Director's office to schedule this test once steps 1-5 have been completed.  The test can be seen below.
    7. Qualification Determination: The results of the three evaluations (medical, sport skill, and physical fitness) will be evaluated by the Athletic Director for final approval. Only students who have successfully completed all aspects of the Athletic Placement Process will be allowed to participate in high school tryouts.