• June 6, 2019

    RE: District will provide basic school supplies for grades PK-5 starting next school year (2019-20)

    Dear Elementary School Families,

    Thank you for your continued support of our students and school community. Our Board of Education is committed to ensuring equitable access to student learning within responsible fiscal stewardship. Based on the successful passage of our budget plan, we are able to move forward on an improvement goal of our Board of Education. Starting next school year (2019-20), NO family will be required to purchase school supplies for their students in our Elementary School. Through fiscal stewardship, collaborative planning, and bulk purchasing, we believe the most cost-effective way for our students to secure the necessities for learning is through the school, not you as a family.

    Therefore, starting next school year, all required school supplies in grades PK-5 will be provided by the District. As we move through the summer, there will be no supplies list sent home for you to purchase basic school supplies (pencils, pens, scissors, crayons, etc.). Each family will still be expected to provide items for personal use during the school day – such as, a backpack, lunch pail, water bottle, and snacks. If you are unable to purchase these personal items, please contact the main office or counseling center for assistance.

    In addition, while basic school supplies will be provided by the school, individual families may still choose to provide personal preference school supplies to support their student. For example, while the District will provide pencils for all students, if a student has a specific brand of pencil they prefer, you certainly may provide these items.

    At this point in time, this change does not impact our Middle/High School students. Moving forward for future school years, we will be looking into the best means for addressing our Board of Education’s improvement goal to ensure equitable access to learning and limit the impact of family budgets whenever possible.

    Over the next few months, our Elementary School administration, teacher-leaders, and classroom teachers will provide further information and clarification of our new approach. In the meantime, we wanted to thank our community for supporting our budget proposal and clarifying one of the many value-added changes we’re implementing to ensure that everyone moves forward each day.

    Best Wishes,

    Matt Cole, Superintendent of Schools

    ES Supply Letter