• Literacy is the ability to construct and convey meaning.  In order to do this effectively, however, there are many critical components that must be in place.  The combination of foundational skills, comprehension skills, and knowledge and ideas (content knowledge) help us construct meaning.  The combination of foundational skills, craft, and knowledge and ideas help us convey meaning.  We need all of these pieces working together, and a strong literacy program will focus on addressing each of these areas.


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    In Livonia, we strive to provide a strong curriculum and instructional program that addresses all of these areas.   Through our partnership with the American Reading Company, we are making a district commitment to foster independent reading practice in school and outside of school.  Students in grades PreK-6 are provided with books at their independent reading level and are expected to read daily.  The goal is for students to read, read, read, and LOVE it.  As part of this partnership, our teachers are working with a literacy coach to hone their abilities to match students to books and to set power goals to help every student move forward.  One of the best ways to improve literacy is for students to read widely and regularly from books that are at a student’s independent level.  When this daily practice is combined with expert coaching, then students make amazing gains.