• Providing the best possible facilities to support academics, athletics, and the arts through the most fiscally responsible means is an important priority of our Board of Education.  Our community expects and deserves high quality facilities that represent both the pride and commitment to our students both in and out of the classroom.  Over the past few years, the District pursued a Capital Improvement Plan leveraging existing dollars to maximize State Aid and address capital improvement needs.  The strategic long-range plan include the following components:

    • Completed Capital Project (79% State Aid) - Approved in October 2011 and completed in Fall 2014
    • Conducted Building Conditions Survey (100% Reimbursed State Aid) - completed Fall 2015
    • Energy Performance Contract (69% State Aid) - Approved May 2016 - completed in Fall 2016
    • Smart Bond Investment Act (100% State Funded) - Completed 2017
    • Capital Project 2019 (79% State Aid) - Started February 2019

    This page includes links to the facility improvement planning work completed and anticipated as part of our Capital Improvement Plan.

Last Modified on March 18, 2019