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Once Upon a Dress

  • New to you—Semi-formal, Prom and Homecoming Dresses free of charge

    • Offering gently used dresses and accessories to anyone in Livonia or surrounding communities, free of charge.
    • By Appointment only
    • Located in the Connell Building (District Office Bldg)
    • Donations greatly appreciated: dresses, jewelry, shoes, purses, shoe racks and full length mirrors

    call Alicia Mahnke at 259-5860

    Donation drop off locations at

    Sharon McCarron  738-5519
    92 Big Tree St, Livonia

    Chantal Travaglini 478-8081
    Chantals Salon, 6751 Richmond Mills Rd, Livonia

    Connell Building

    Email questions to: onceuponadresslivonia@gmail.com

    *  Sponsored by Friends of Livonia *

    Once Upon a Dress offers people the opportunity to attend a prom or semi-formal dance without it being a financial burden on the family by providing gently used dresses and accessories at no cost.

    The goal of Once Upon a Dress is to offer donated items with individual fitting appointments to keep student participation private. Once Upon a Dress hopes girls will be interested in exchanging a dress for a dress, but plans to give things away with no money exchanged. The loaned dresses could then be returned to be used again. With the help of Friends of Livonia, some local moms and their daughters, and the use of a room at the Connell Building this local “shopping” dream is a reality.

    You can help! In order for this to be a success Once Upon a Dress needs donations. Donations can come in the form of stylish dresses(both formal and semi-formal), purses, shoes, jewelry, shoe racks or full length mirrors. Do you or your family members have dresses or accessories in good condition that would fit current styles, but no longer fit or are just sitting in a closet never to be worn again? Do you have a clothing rack that you could donate? Do you have free time and want to lend a hand? Cash donations are always welcome and 100% of the money will be used to purchase items for the girls.