Media Relations

  • District Newspaper:
    The official newspaper of the Livonia Central School District is the Livingston County News.

    District Publication:
    The District publishes the Focus, a community-wide newsletter, on a quarterly basis. Print editions of the Focus are mailed out to all district residents and available electronically on the District website.

    Emergency Information Stations:
    If school opening is delayed or cancelled, or if school is to be closed early due to bad weather or other emergency, the following radio and television stations will be notified:

    These stations will be notified as soon as the decision is made; however, the on-air announcement will be made according to the radio or television station's schedule. Please do not call the school. 

    The District website will also carry the closing or delay information.

    On days when school is closed due to bad weather or other emergency, all extracurricular and evening activities are also canceled. 

    Families should have a procedure to follow in the event of an early closing.  It is important that children know what to do if they come home early and find no one there.  Please be sure to make prior arrangements for the care of younger children if no adult will be at home during the day.

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