Livonia Central School District Facilities Use

  • Community members may request use of our Districts Facilities. This includes all Classrooms (after school hours), Fields, Gyms, Cafeterias, Auditoriums, and the Pool.                                 

    Please submit any Facility Use Request at least 2 Weeks in advance to ensure space availability, but no more than 1 month in advance.

    Certificate of Insurance , Hold Harmless Agreement  and COVID-19 Safety Plan must be submitted for current year.


How to Request Space

  • To become a Facility  Requester please complete the online Facilities Use Requester Application below.                               Online Facilities Requester Application

    Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by the Central Scheduler with a username and password via the email you provided.

    You can use the link rSchool to access the login page or the link under "Useful Links".

Insurance Information

  • A signed Certificate of Insurance must be submitted and include: 

    •  Livonia Central School District named as an Additional Insured 
    •  Minimum of $1,000,000 limit is required for each occurrence
    •  Waiver of Subrogation
    •  Sexual Molestation Coverage

    You will not be permitted to use a space until a valid current Certificate of Insurance is on file. 

Hold Harmless Agreement

  • A Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed and returned to the Central Scheduler.                                                       

    You will not be permitted to use the space until a current Hold Harmless Agreement  is on file. 

Contact Information

  • Mail to : P.O . Box E                                                                                                  Livonia , NY 14487

    Attention: Central Scheduler
    Phone: 585-346-4000 ext. 4202

Useful Links

  • rSchool Tutorial- Use this link to see a step by step tutorial with pictures. 

    Flyer Approval ProcessAll flyers must be submitted and approved before being distributed. 

    rSchool Login Page- Use this link to access the rSchool Login page, bookmark it to your computer for easy access. 

    Facility Use Calendar - Use this link to view spaces within the district to check availability.