Internet Safety Initiative

  • Proactively monitoring and supporting student safety continues to be a shared responsibility we focus on each and every day. In today’s digital world, student safety includes a number of areas for monitoring and support that didn’t exist for many of us when we went to school. Throughout the District, we are working to ensure that we provide students with tools and experiences that engage in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking within digital environments.

    In our digital conversion process, our responsibility to proactively implement monitoring and support technologies is a top priority. For a number of years, we’ve been using iBoss content filter to block access to inappropriate internet content. As we are integrating more Chromebooks into classroom learning experiences, we’re implementing GoGuardian features to support teachers managing digital interactions and monitoring student content consumption. Both of these services monitor and support student safety within our campus network. 

    In preparation for our continued digital conversion to a 1:1 student-computing environment, we are piloting implementation of Gaggle digital monitoring service that proactively scans and monitors all digital content (pictures, documents, presentations, email, etc.) created within our district-issued Google accounts. As part of the service, students will receive notifications to assist them in selfmonitoring their content creation and administrators will receive notifications if content is deemed to be significantly inappropriate, unsafe, or needing immediate intervention at any time of day.

    Although we have technology assistance to monitor and support student safety, nothing can replace the involvement of caring adults. With that in mind, please consider partnering with us to have open and honest discussions with your students about online safety, the risks inherent with using the internet, and your family expectations. In addition, you may wish to consider implementing proactive practices and protocols for internet usage in your home.  Additional resources are below to assist you as you deem appropriate.

Internet Safety Interactive Learning

  • NetSmartzKids - A program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    NSTeens - A program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children