Class of 2020 Graduation Information

  • Hello, Class of 2020 students and families,

    Below are a few items for your review as well as the diploma link I promised you.  Please review the directions so that we are clear as to the process for graduation this Saturday, June 27, 2020! 

    1. Program Timeline:
      • 8:45 am Graduates line up (breezeway doors between Math and Office).
        Please see dress expectations below:
        • Class of 2020 masks must be worn
        • Temperature checks will be provided
        • 6 feet social distancing for line-up
      • 8:50 am Procession to seats in the courtyard
        • Seating is non-alphabetic
        • You will sit next to the person(s) you line up with
      • 9:00 am Speaking Ceremony Begins
        • This portion will be live-streamed for families
      • 9:50 am Students exit courtyard
        • Students will exit using the same path we entered by
      • 10:15 am Begin procession for Diploma Ceremony
        • Families will register for a time using the link below
        • Choose wisely, we will NOT be changing times
        • Families: line up in front of school, 6 feet apart at registration time
        • Masks and temperature checks will occur
        • Families will exit the building after diploma presentation
      • 3:00 pm Graduation Complete (Time to celebrate!!  SO proud of you!!)
    2. Graduation Ceremony Notes
      • Families of eight persons (7 plus graduate) will travel in a group
      • Families will experience the presentation of diploma
      • A professional photographer will record the diploma presentation
      • Each student will receive two free 5x7 photos of receiving their diploma
      • Graduates will take off masks for the presentation of the diploma!
      • Families can also take as many pictures as they want!
      • We will be moving quickly due to the large number of families
      • There will be three (3) photo backgrounds for you to use as you leave the building
      • Each person will be required to wear a mask
      • Each graduate should bring their Class of 2020 mask
      • This is our first time doing this so please be patient!!
    3.  Diploma Registration Link:
      • Please select one time
      • You will line up in front of school 2 minutes before your registration time
      • Line-up location is in front of the school on/near the Bulldog Paws
      • You will move through the building quickly
    4. Graduation Attire - To promote safety and a formal atmosphere you may either wear
      • Dark pants, a PLAIN WHITE shirt, tie and dress shoes – no sneakers or work boots.  Graduation gowns do not have collars and the white shirt and tie give the gown a finished and uniform appearance.
      • A light color dress and shoes with a strap.  No flip-flops. Walking up and down the stairs in a strapless shoe has caused some embarrassing moments in the past.
      • Students who do not adhere to this dress code will be required to change their clothes and/or shoes.  Please have your student call Mrs. Patterson in the Main Office if they need assistance getting the required clothing 346-4000 (select option #two)
      • Please do not decorate your cap or gown… we are going to look like a united group!
    5. Behavior Expectations
      • Livonia has always held professional and quality ceremonies which we are very proud of.  These graduation ceremonies will follow those traditions.  We have worked to make sure that you will be honored in a classy way and your behavior must follow suit.  No disrupting behavior will be tolerated…  Please keep in mind the importance of graduating for you and for your family.  This is a proud moment and we will honor that pride with respect throughout the ceremonies.
Bulldog costume