Transportation Information 2020-2021

  • Thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding as we safely move forward with
    our reopening plan. As you are likely aware, our transportation procedures have gone through a
    number of adjustments in order to comply with State requirements concerning physical distancing.
    This letter contains what we believe to be the most important updates for families; for a detailed
    overview of school transportation please see pages 41-46 of the reopening plan.

    Bus Routes
    Following the completion of the family choice selection process, we began the process of completing
    routes to maximize the number of students we could transport while complying with physical
    distancing requirements. Routes were completed on Sunday, September 7, and details will be
    provided to families during Meet-n-Greet this week. The routes will be available on the District
    Website as well.

    Bus Procedures
    ALL students must have a mask on to ride the bus. In the morning, we will load the bus from the
    rear to the front. Students will sit in the window seat and remain there with their mask on for the
    duration of the ride. Students are to remain in their seats until their driver instructs them to
    disembark – this will be done using a color-coded system with all seats being in a colored zone of the
    bus (colored and numbered stickers are by each bus seat). During warm weather months, all bus
    windows and vents will remain open at all times to increase air circulation. The bus cleaning
    procedures can be found in the reopening plan.

    Route Changes
    Please contact the Transportation Department (346-4010) or Mrs. Hill (Elementary - 346-4000 x.
    5008) with any questions regarding routes. Due to guidelines from the State, we will be unable
    to change students’ pick-up or drop-off location unless there is a permanent change or
    relocation and will be unable to make in-day changes (for instance, dropping off at a friend’s
    house). If your family relocates or has a permanent change in transportation needs, please reach out
    to the transportation, department to determine if we are able to accommodate the change.

    Please contact the Transportation Department with any questions,

    Robert Orman
    Senior Bus Driver