• AtomicLearning

    Our school has taken a big step in building district-wide tech confidence. Our partnership with Atomic Learning will help ensure technology is fully utilized with online training and support on hundreds of software applications, as well as classroom projects, a variety of assessments, and tools to embed resources into existing systems. This resource will help prepare teachers, staff, and students with the skills they need to succeed in and out of the classroom with online, job-embedded development resources focused on tech in the classroom, critical soft skills, state and national standards, and district-specific programs and policies.

    Evolving technology can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy parent, and if parents don't understand the technology used by their children, how can they support their students? With our Atomic Learning subscription, parents receive access to the complete training library at no additional cost—allowing them to stay connected, learn about the technology being used by students, and improve their own skills.

    How do I find it?


    How do I log in?

    Please ask your teacher or call the Help Desk at 346-4000x1233

    What will I find there? 

    Our subscription to Atomic Learning includes:

    • The Microsoft® Office Suite, including Excel, Training
    • Training on Internet Safety
    • Learning Management Systems Training to help you access your child(ren)’s work
    • Career Skills training for personal career advancement
    • Completing a FAFSA training for college planning

    We invite you to use it as a resource for your household, and ask that you encourage your child(ren) to use it from home.

    More information on what's available: Atomic Learning Flyer

Last Modified on February 6, 2017