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COVID-19 Response – Family & Community Update (8/13/21)

On Wednesday, we shared our biweekly update which included the anticipation of NYS Education Department School Opening Guidance in lieu of previously expected NYS Department of Health Guidance which we were notified on Aug 5 would not be issued. Yesterday. August 12th, around 3:30 pm, we received a guidance document from NYS Education DepartmentWe are currently reviewing that document to ensure we conduct our due diligence that will lead to the safest and most pragmatic school year possible.

Here's a few things I can commit to you with as much certainty as I can reasonably submit to in our very unpredictable world:

  1. We will be open for 5-day/week in-person learning starting Tuesday, Sept 7.
  2. We will begin Fall Sports as planned next week.
  3. We will be requiring all students, staff, and visitors to wear masks as some part of our school day while on our school transportation and in some form while indoors in our buildingsThe extent to which mask-wearing will be required is still in discussion in light of yesterday's guidance from NYS Education Department and as part of our regular consultation with Livingston County Department of Health. As we did last year, we will implement safety measures as required or in the absence of requirements as sensible and respectful of all the diverse opinions on this topic as possible.
  4. We will continue our practice of communicating with you what we know, when we know it as the dynamic nature of our world necessitates.

Over the last few days, we've been monitoring your perspectives, feedback, and questions in our open Thoughtexchange - as we work with health dept officials & regional partners, what are your thoughts and questions about opening school this September?  - Please continue to share your thoughts and engage in the "star" process to help us see priorities and trends within our shared thinking about school reopening.

Lastly, as promised in our update earlier this week, we will be hosting family forums to share updates and answer questions as we move through the next few weeks in finalizing our school opening plans.

Last year, we stuck together, stayed focused, and collaboratively kept working the problem(s) to create an as normal school experience for as many students and families as possible. This year, together we can do the same thing if we remain patient, understanding, and open to find the possibilities within the challenges and frustrations that come with responding to a pandemic.

Thank You,
Matt Cole, Superintendent