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Hope everyone is staying healthy and being well! We've had a great start to what looks to be another different school year. Thank you for your patience, partnership, and perseverance! I know, as we did last year, if we continue to stick together, stay focused on the things that matter most, and work the problem(s) that we anticipate and that come along the journey, we will find ourselves being very proud of our many accomplishments during these challenging times. Thank you!

This update contains our first determination of response level based on our local district COVID-19 health data. For this initial baseline data period from September 7 through September 19, we experienced NO school-based spread with 6 total positive cases. This means that over the first two weeks, we had a positive case rate of 0.35% which means for Livonia CSD data we are in the lowest rating possible. Livingston County as a whole, however, with 104 cases as of today, is considered to be in the highest level by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). When we consider both level determinations in our opening plan process, we will be operating in a MODERATE LEVEL for health protocols starting the week of Monday, Sept 27. We will reassess this status each week and communicate which level of health protocols we'll be implementing each week moving forward.

Update Highlights

  • Our overarching goals for the year - be safe, stay open, & make things as normal as possible!
  • General health updates from CDC, NYSDOH, and LCDOH.
  • Baseline data period from Sept 7-19 contained NO School-based COVID-19 cases with 6 total cases leading to a 0.35% positive cases within the period. This means we will enter next week on Monday, Sept 27 at a MODERATE LEVEL for health protocols:
  • face coverings remain required by NYSDOH - no change
  • minimum 3 feet physical distance whenever possible - no change
  • concessions - no change - no indoors due to NYSDOH mask requirements & outdoor regular options
  • fundraising - no door-to-door fundraising
  • daily monitoring & health screens - no change
  • visitors & volunteers - limited to those approved as essential for educational purposes
  • indoor & outdoor large group gatherings & events - no change
  • indoor & outdoor facility use - standard procedures - no change
  • Announcing the Middle School Musical will be The Lion King, Jr on Nov 19 & 20
  • Homecoming Festivities all next week! Parade at 1:30 on Saturday
  • Haunted House & Trick or Treat planned for Saturday, Oct 30
  • Next Family & Community Updates - Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, & Nov 17

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