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LIVONIA, NY – February 2, 2024 – Livonia Central School District proudly announces the successful awarding of contracts for Phase 2 of its Capital Project, underscoring the continued commitment to enhancing educational facilities. Building upon the achievements of Phase 1, which involved the construction of a new Transportation Facility, Phase 2 encompasses extensive upgrades and asset protection at both the Elementary School and Middle/High School.

Phase 1: Transportation Facility

- Construction of a transportation facility on the school district campus.

- Crucial safety enhancements for bus mechanics.

- In-ground bus lifts.

- District owned fuel pumps to ensure consistent access to fuel.

- Forward-looking infrastructure preparedness for potential Electric Vehicle (EV) buses in the future.

Phase 2: Elementary School

- Classroom renovations.

- Toilet room renovations.

- Construction of new dedicated pre-kindergarten classrooms.

Phase 2: Middle/High School

- Construction of a new main office and secure entry vestibule.

- Remodeling of toilet rooms and the pool locker rooms.

- Interior classroom renovations.

- Flooring and hallway renovations.

- Roof replacements.

 Phase 2: Saunders Sports Complex

- Establishment of the Saunders Sports Complex, generously sponsored by E. Philip Saunders.

- Construction of a state-of-the-art athletic facility, including multipurpose athletic fields, field lighting, bleachers, and scoreboards.

- Renovations to the Saunders Field Fieldhouse.

- Replacement of the existing stadium field lighting at Saunders Field.

Moreover, district-wide initiatives will address critical asset preservation needs, including the replacement of aging electrical, plumbing, and HVAC infrastructure. This includes the replacement of the majority of the classroom unit ventilators to ensure fresh air and heating in classrooms.

Livonia Central School District emphasizes its dedication to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students and staff. The awarded contracts signify a significant milestone in the journey to fortify and modernize educational facilities.

Comprehensive details about the Capital Project, including the scope of work for Phase 2, can be found on the Livonia Central School District website at

The Board of Education's decision to award contracts on February 2, 2024, reflects the district's commitment to fiscal responsibility and the continued success of the project. Livonia Central School District is excited about the positive impact these enhancements will have on the educational experience for its community.

Livonia Central School District extends sincere gratitude to all stakeholders, including contractors, community members, and staff, for their collaboration and support throughout the Capital Project.

For further information, please visit or contact the Livonia Central School District Office.

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