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  • Livonia Central School District is looking for Substitite Bus Drivers.  Please fill out the Non-Instructional/Support Staff Application and return it to the District Office.  You can find the application under the District Tab and Human Resources page.

    drivers needed

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Welcome and News

  • LCS Families & Community,

    If school opening is delayed or canceled, the district will make an automated call to the primary contact phone number for each student and staff member.  The delay or closing will also be posted on the website, mobile app, and the follwing radio and television stations will be notified.

    These stations will be notified as soon as the decision is made; however, the on-air announcement will be made according to the radio or television station's schedule.  Please do not call the school.  

    If school is to be closed early due to bad weather or other emegency, the district will make an automated call to all contact numbers for each student.  Families  should have a procedure to follow in the event of an early closing.  Please be sure to make prior arrangements for the care of younger children if no adult will be at home during the day.

    On days when school is closed due to bad weather or other emergency, all extracurricular and evening activities are also canceled.