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  • LCS Community,

    Starting later this morning (Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017), we will be changing the traffic pattern on Puppy Lane from Spring Street entrance to the Elementary School Flag Pole drop off/pick up loop.  We will be limiting traffic to one-way from the “curve” off Spring Street eastbound to our Elementary School “flag pole” main entrance.  This will mean that traffic may ONLY ENTER our campus from Spring Street and will then ONLY EXIT via Bulldog Boulevard to Big Tree Street.  This change allows our internal campus roads to reduce congestion and improve safety by eliminating a left turn out of the drop-off circle and minimize two-way traffic around the “curve” where our driveway called Puppy Lane meets the village’s Spring Street.  A drawing is attached for your preview.

    Until around mid-September we will establish the new traffic pattern with temporary orange plastic road construction barrels to  (a) be a brightly noticeable marker, (b) allow us to move and adjust as needed, and (c) limit damage to school and personal property if cars are to bump into barrels as they navigate the new traffic pattern.  We will monitor traffic flow both on our campus roads and within the village during the first few weeks of school to establish a more permanent traffic flow with concrete barriers.  

    We will continue to monitor and evaluate effectiveness throughout the Fall 2017.  We know that this adjustment won't solve all our traffic concerns but we believe it is our most viable next step to reducing congestion and improving safety.  This approach will also provide us with valuable feedback for development of a more permanent solution within the scope of our upcoming Capital Project (we are developing a project for public consideration and voter approval in December 2017 for construction in Summer 2019). 

    Again, please be prepared for  ONE WAY ONLY traffic pattern from our entrance on Spring Street through the Elementary School Flag Pole drop off/pick up starting today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017.  ALL traffic using the Spring Street entrance to campus will be required to exit via Bulldog Boulevard to Big Tree Street.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience, and understanding as we work to reduce congestion and improve safety on our campus roads.  

    Best Wishes,

    Matt Cole, Superintendent of Schools


    Proposed ES one way traffic pattern

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