covid graph showing moderate level

Happy Thanksgiving!

After considering the health data for Nov 8-Nov 14, we will move back down to the MODERATE LEVEL for health protocols for next week 11/29-12/5. Last week, we had 8 positive cases of students or staff with contact tracing not suggesting any school-based spread. These 8 cases represent 0.46% of our total in-person population of students and staff and is considered in the low range for Livonia CSD. That being said, we are seeing significant increases in cases all around us with Livingston County currently having the highest active cases (385) during the entire pandemic. We all need to remain very cautious, aware, and ensure we're making the right decisions for ourselves and families.

MODERATE LEVEL Health Protocols

  • face coverings remain required by NYSDOH - no change
  • minimum 3 feet physical distance whenever possible - no change
  • concessions - no change - no indoors due to NYSDOH mask requirements & outdoor regular options
  • fundraising - no door-to-door fundraising
  • daily monitoring & health screens - no change
  • visitors & volunteers - limited to those approved as essential for educational purposes
  • indoor & outdoor large group gatherings & events - no change
  • indoor & outdoor facility use - standard procedures - no change

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