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We seem to be on the other side of the predicted COVID-19 Winter Surge 2022 within our schools and throughout the county. We are seeing fewer positive cases being reported for our community and among our students and staff. Please be mindful of doing your part to keep you and others safe as the Omicron COVID-19 variant continues to circulate. With continued vigilance and prevention, we can continue to stay open, be safe, and experience things as normal as possible.

From now until February Break, we will be following the SUBSTANTIAL LEVEL Health Protocols within our opening plan:

  • face coverings remain required by NYSDOH - no change
  • minimum 3 feet physical distance whenever possible - no change
  • concessions - no change - no indoors due to NYSDOH mask requirements & outdoor regular options
  • fundraising - no door-to-door fundraising
  • daily monitoring & health screens - weekly health attestation required, additional random health screening by nurses in school
  • visitors & volunteers - limited to those approved as essential for educational purposes
  • indoor & outdoor large group gatherings & events - limited capacity will be communicated in advance for all events
  • indoor & outdoor facility use - standard procedures - no change

Also, a quick reminder of the current LCDOH COIVD-19 Protocol for Schools:

  • if you have any COVID-19 Symptoms, please stay home!
  • ALL positive cases will have an initial 5 Day Isolation period
  • any close contacts who are vaccinated and asymptomatic may proceed without quarantine
  • any close contacts who are unvaccinated and asymptomatic will be eligible to enter the Test-to-Stay (TTS) protocol which will provide tests for students on Days 0-3-5 which with negative results students may continue attending school without quarantine

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