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Thank you for your continued support, partnership, and engagement as we come together for many celebrations that mark the end of another successful school year. While there seems to be so much going on this time of year, each ceremony, gathering, and festivity represents the many, many positive choices our students make each day that build-up to these special moments. Thank you for taking part in these special events as we have much to be proud of in Bulldog Country.

I wanted to share a few important informational updates to support some planning as we move into the next school year. Here are a few noteworthy changes to consider in your planning:

  • due to changes in socio-economic measurements under federal guidelines, we will NOT be able to offer any no cost summer meals
  • due to changes in federal school lunch program policy, we will NOT be able to offer no cost lunches for all students next school year - there will be an application process for families to secure free/reduced lunches based on qualifying needs
  • with the successful approval of our annual budget, we will be RESUMING our support to cover supplies and materials costs for all Elementary School Students again next school year - families will be responsible for individual student items like a backpack, lunch box, water bottles but not materials & supplies used within the classroom

More information on these changes can be found at these links:

While we are disappointed with changes made by the federal government, we hope that this information can assist your family in planning accordingly moving forward. Again, thank you for all you do to work with our school in creating the best experiences for our students!

Matt Cole