Weather Permitting - Optional Reverse Last Day Parade today at ES dismissal for parent pick-up and digital families (this is a yearly tradition for our bused students). Parent pick-up & digital families turn right on Bulldog Blvd to participate.
about 1 year ago, Elementary School
map of parade route
Thank you Mr. Petelin for putting this video together from 7/8 grade band of different "Service Songs". He has been working on this project since Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy it
about 1 year ago, Middle/High School
🚀 Our 6th grade students have been building and launching rockets over the last few days.
about 1 year ago, Middle/High School
4 students with rockets
group of student with rockets
blast off
students watching rocket launch
Happy last day of school Bulldogs!
about 1 year ago, Elementary School
bulldog on beach
On June 17th, Ms. Brandon our kindergarten TA, shared the book "All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom" with some of the classes she works in. Thank you, Ms. Brandon!
about 1 year ago, Amy Evans
Close up image of the book All Different Now
TA with book
TA reading to classroom