Report Cards


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How can I find, print, or save my student’s report card?
These directions are for a desktop/laptop vs. a mobile device.  You will be able to see grades on the mobile app but do NOT have the option to save or print.

Step 1
. Log into SchoolTool at

  • If you don’t know your parent login or don’t have an account you can email or call 346-4000 x1233

Step 2. Click on your student's photo
Step 3. Click on the Grades tab

Grades tab

Step 4. Make sure the current school year is selected
Step 5. Under View select Marking Period Grades for Marking Period X (X = whatever marking period has been completed for the year)

Marking Period Grades section

Step 6. Click the Printer Icon (under school year drop-down) the actual report card that you are used to seeing will pop up in a new window. Depending on how the browser is set up on your computer you may have to allow popups from SchoolTool. If there is not a printer icon then report cards are not ready yet.
Step 7. In the new window, you will have the option to print or export the report card.  This may look a little different depending on what browser you are using.

Internet Explorer Report Card view